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Dove high-fiving a dog

Everything you need to train your dog...just add YOU!

Hi Dog Lover,

What if you could get your new puppy or foster dog off to a great start? 

Imagine what would happen if you had a surefire way to start them out right. You and your new best friend could create a lasting, loving bond together even faster.

Picture in your mind coming home after a full day. . As you walk through the door, your buddy is so excited to see you that his tail is wagging like it got caught in a cyclone. It’s a great feeling to have such unconditional love.

You grab his leash and his favorite ball. Now he’s even happier if that’s possible. You two are on your way to an adventure in the park.  He gets plenty of wonderful smells along the way. Especially that one old Oak tree where all the other dogs have left their calling cards.

Your well-mannered dog walks right beside you.  Actually, you don’t really need the leash at all.

When you get to the park today is a special day. 

Your dog has already mastered shake-a-paw with both paws and he’s quite proud of himself. Afterall, he is a bit of a showoff to your friends and family. But today, he’s going to even top himself. 

Building on shake-a-paw he’s going to learn to “high five.” You pull out your smartphone, click on the lesson, hear the voice commands & tone, see the hand signals. 

You are confident and set. A quick 5 minute lesson and then it’s time for fetch. Life just doesn’t get any sweeter.

Here are some issues you'll be able to take care of quickly. Before they become major problems:

  • Begging

  • Barking

  • Jumping up

  • Whining in the crate

  • Peeing on the carpet.

  • Eating scraps from the counter

You'll be able to handle these situations quickly. All it takes is the right information. The training techniques and tricks you'll soon learn in these videos. Yes. No matter what breed, age or size. You can have a well-behaved, happy dog.

You are welcome to watch a free video below.


It's one of the actual training sessions from the complete basic training library. The library gives you the answers to solving all the dog behavioral problems mentioned above and more. That's why I developed this full series of dog training lessons. To help you enjoy your pet. With my "play method" of dog training you and your dog will both enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.

Learn How to Avoid 
Common Dog Training Mistakes

1.Saying “HEEL” and snapping the leash to jerk your dog’s collar AT THE SAME TIME! This does not teach your dog to heel. It teaches your dog that the word “heel” means they are going to have their collar jerked. This confuses them because they do not know what they have done to deserve having their collar jerked.

2.Not differentiating between “Off” and “Down.” “Off” means get Off something. “Down” means lie down. So next time you tell your dog “down” to get them off the couch and they lie down and look at you, its because they were told to lie down there! They are confused, not misbehaving.

3.Bending over your dog’s head or getting in his face when giving a command. This intimidates the dog and the dog may shy away or even react aggressively. Either way, you don’t have a happy dog that wants to work for you.

Recommended for all breeds of dogs and all levels of dog owner!

Watch how training your dog can be fun.  It doesn't have to be hard or complicated. And it doesn't need to take a lot of time. Just three 5 or 10 minute sessions per day. The lessons are organized making it very easy to get the tips necessary to train your dog.  All lessons were professionally shot with quality sound recording.   

A wide variety of both large and small dogs and different ages and temperaments got to star in these videos.

 The lessons are both practical and fun to watch. Even if your dog is already trained, you will still learn things to teach him.

Here's your free lesson on getting your dog to come to you when you call.    

Did you see how much fun Drift was having?  Drift was a completely untrained dog that I picked up from a shelter to foster him for a local border collie rescue. With this "game method" of training your dog, I can assure you that you will see immediate resultsYou may be wondering, "Will this really work for my dog?"  Yes. Guaranteed.

Instead of spending 100s of dollars with a trainer you can have exclusive lifetime access to my full dog training video library for a one-time investment of $49.95.

You get full access to the entire dog training library. You choose what your dog needs to learn.  Lessons include: Obedience Essentials, Just Puppies, Solving Dog Behavior Problems, Advanced Lessons, Tricks, and Special Videos for older dogs and toy dogs. You will be a dog training expert in no time and know more than 95% of other dog owners.

100% Guarantee

If, for any reason, you feel that these dog training lessons do not give you much more than the value you paid, then simply let me know within 60 days and I will refund all your money, No questions asked.

The lessons are digital.which means you can access them at any time from your smartphone, laptop or PC.

  Yes Dove, I want to start training my dog today ▶

Happy Dog Training,  


P.S. The training you will be giving your dog is completely positive. each your dog with love. Properly trained, your dog will do anything for you, because dogs love to perform.  If you're looking to train your dog, this is a great place to start! 


Will this work for
MY dog?


Since 2005 my training has proved successful for thousands of dogs. 

Explore My Lessons Library

100% Guarantee                Receive full access to 50+ videos for a one-time only payment of just $49.95 

Click here for more details.

Here's what you get with my lessons:

  • CONVENIENCE – you can train at home or outside on your Smartphone or Tablet
  • PROVEN - works for all breeds, sizes and ages. Since 2005 I have trained over 5,000 dogs online
  • FUN & EASY– My "game method" deepens the bond with your pet

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